Requesting Your Feedback

Since I first launched this website, a few people have suggested to me that I write a book. I recently got another nudge in that direction, thanks to a long-time reader. While I have no interest in revisiting or regurgitating what happened with Dr. T, I have wondered about putting together an e-book of articles and resources from the site that people could download.

So I’d like to ask you for your feedback:

  • Is this something that you would be interested in, for yourself or for someone you know?
  • What would you like to see in it?
  • Which posts have you resonated most strongly with?
  • Which posts and/or pages have felt the most valuable or important to you?
  • What resources already on the site do you think would be important to include?
  • Are there resources not on the site that you think would be important to include?

I welcome your feedback and ideas! Please leave a comment below or send me an email through the Contact page.

Thanks for your help!



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  1. If we organize this carefully, this may be something that can help promote awareness of this problem and a wider understanding of what the rights are of people who are harmed by therapists. I blindly deceived the board of psychology would really investigate what happened. they didn’t. I was retraumatized while trying to get justice for others. The predator therapist has been allowed to continue practicing with their blessing) and I had teach my subsequent therapist what Narcissistic Abuse was so I could begin to deal with the PTSD I was developed as a result of what he did to me.

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