Hi Everyone,

Occasionally I get contacted by UK readers looking for attorneys who specialize in therapist abuse. Since I have no contacts in the UK (or anywhere outside of the USA), I’d love to get some names.

Remember I do have some attorneys listed on the Legal page. Any one of them should be able to provide you with information and possibly a referral for your area.

Thanks for your help!


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Heather Sinclair, of Lynette’s Law and the Lynette’s Law website, has posted a video on warning signs of bad therapy called The Real Crisis in Healthcare. The video includes some great advice on what to do if you see any of these warning signs in your own therapy.

You can visit Heather’s website at www.LynettesLaw4Maryland.com for other videos and a wealth of information.



When The Pieces Don’t Fit: The Corrupted Puzzle

May 3, 2014

Note from Kristi: I am happy to welcome Michelle Mallon as an ongoing contributor to the blog! Look for more of her posts in the future. If you had asked me what happened, I would not have been able to explain it to you. I couldn’t tell you who was at fault either. “Was it […]

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You Won’t Make Me You

February 6, 2014

This is a guest post from one of our readers, Michelle A. Mallon, MSW, LSW. The true strength of a person is measured in forgiveness. It is so easy to endure hardship at the hands of another and never be able to move on from it or worse, move on from it forever broken, vowing […]

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This is a guest post from one of our readers, Michelle A. Mallon, MSW, LSW. August 2012: Looking back, it was as if I went through months of someone telling me there wasn’t a massive black hole sucking me in. It felt as if he was telling me “Everything is fine. Keep walking. In fact, […]

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Survivor Poetry – Come into my Parlour, Said the Spider to the Fly

January 8, 2014

I am excited to share with you a wonderful poem written by one of our readers. I am sure you will enjoy this creative and moving piece, which can also be found on the Survivor Creativity page. ~Kristi * * * Sue McDonald writes: Although my abuse was not sexual, I feel emotionally raped by […]

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Please Support this Website!

December 10, 2013

Do you value the content and resources on the Surviving Therapist Abuse website? Consider making a donation to support the site. Currently, the web-hosting and domain name fees for the site run approximately $125-$150 per year. While this may not seem like a large amount, it is money that must be paid in order to keep […]

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Your Stories

December 3, 2013

I want to let you know that I have added a page called Your Stories where you can post your own story of therapist abuse or professional misconduct as a comment on the page. You can find the page link in the menu above and also in the sidebar. Thank you for being willing to […]

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Requesting Your Feedback

November 7, 2013

Since I first launched this website, a few people have suggested to me that I write a book. I recently got another nudge in that direction, thanks to a long-time reader. While I have no interest in revisiting or regurgitating what happened with Dr. T, I have wondered about putting together an e-book of articles […]

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Therapist Abuse Resources

October 31, 2013

Thanks to one of our readers for this great list of resources! She found them very helpful in her own process and wanted to share them with the community. Some of these you may have already found on the site, but it’s wonderful to have them in one place. (All content below is reader-submitted.) 1. […]

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