Changing my state’s therapist exploitation law

Hello.  I just thought I would share a little bit about the process of changing or trying to get a state to have a criminal law for therapist sexual exploitation.  I hope this information is helpful if you decide to try to advocate for changes to your state law that might be inadequate to address …

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Ethics Survey –

Thank you to one of our readers for letting me know about website was started by Naomi Heitz, LMBT, who is researching ethics in the healing professions. On the website there is a survey for clients who have experienced breaches of ethics by their healing practitioners and also a survey for practitioners themselves. Naomi …

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Seeking UK Attorneys Who Specialize in Therapist Abuse

Hi Everyone, Occasionally I get contacted by UK readers looking for attorneys who specialize in therapist abuse. Since I have no contacts in the UK (or anywhere outside of the USA), I’d love to get some names. Remember I do have some attorneys listed on the Legal page. Any one of them should be able …

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An Update from Heather Sinclair

Heather left an update in a comment on my last post about Lynette’s Law and I just wanted to make sure everyone saw it. It takes a lot of courage to do what Heather’s doing, so please give her your support! Here also is the Lynette’s Law website, where I think she posts updates. Good …

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A Big Disappointment (and a Small Win) in Maryland

I’m sorry to be reporting that Maryland did not pass the bill to criminalize sexual abuse of mental health patients, though the bill requiring background checks of mental health professionals did pass. Despite what must be a very disappointing outcome for the supporters, I do believe that Heather Sinclair’s tireless efforts to get Lynette’s Law …

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A Success in New York! Lawmakers Pass Bill to Close Therapist Sex Abuse Loophole

Yes! Check it out on NBC New York: After I-Team Investigation, Lawmakers Pass Bill to Close Therapist Sex Abuse Loophole Law would make reporting of statutory rape mandatory for therapists and …

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NBC New York I-Team: Lawmaker Wants Therapist Sex Abuse Loophole Closed

For those of you living in New York, you may want to check out this article and add your voice to this process: A state assemblyman is drafting legislation that would close a legal loophole, first reported by the I-Team, that keeps statutory rape complaints about psychotherapists from being forwarded to law enforcement by the …

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Petition to “Stop Therapist Abuse Now” on

Today on I discovered a petition to introduce a bill in Maryland called “Lynette’s Law.” The woman who drafted the petition, Heather Sinclair, alleges that she was a victim of therapist abuse by a man who was a convicted felon. Sinclair hopes to pass a law in Maryland that would require all therapists to …

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Taking Action Against the Abuser – Emotions and Inner Conflict

When I talk to female survivors of therapist abuse who are considering filing a civil lawsuit or licensing complaint (or who are in the early stages of such actions), I often hear them express the same kinds of emotions and inner conflicts that I experienced. They usually start off by saying, “I know this sounds …

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Discussion: How Can We Address the Problem of Professional Abuse & Misconduct?

If you would like to share your ideas about what can be done to address the problem of professional abuse, exploitation, and sexual misconduct, please join the discussion by posting your comments and concerns below.

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