Two Questions

Hi Everyone! I’m putting a couple of questions to you all and would love to know your thoughts. Occasionally (thankfully not very often) I receive some really negative comments that may not be considered respectful of therapist abuse survivors. This includes, for example, comments that involve blaming the victim, saying the victim had a choice, …

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Survey for Survivors of Therapist Abuse

Hi everyone, I’d love to get your answers and thoughts on the following questions regarding your recovery and post-abuse experience. Some of the questions require a bit of self-reflection, so feel free to sit with them a while before answering. You can also download a Word version of this survey by clicking here and email …

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Discussion: How Can We Address the Problem of Professional Abuse & Misconduct?

If you would like to share your ideas about what can be done to address the problem of professional abuse, exploitation, and sexual misconduct, please join the discussion by posting your comments and concerns below. Print PDF