10 Ways to Protect Yourself from NLP Mind Control

I came across an article I thought worth sharing. It’s called “10 Ways to Protect Yourself from NLP Mind Control” by Jason Louv. The title sounds a bit scary and magicky, except that there is some really valuable information here about how easy it is for someone to figure out how to manipulate you and how to protect yourself. It’s a long piece but you can just skim to the good stuff. Click below to read the article on Ultraculture.org (which also appears a bit scary and magicky, but hey—you can read the article and then leave…)

10 Ways to Protect Yourself from NLP Mind Control

I want to point out that there are many benefits to NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming), which can be a great tool for personal support. It’s interesting to find out that it is also used by some mentalists—and manipulators—to control people.

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  1. I never knew there was a dark side to NLP. My experience with NLP was 100% positive. It’s a great tool to overcome emotional trauma. It’s quick and effective and thus puts healing on a fast track.

    Manipulative people may use different techniques in attempt to control another person.

    Trusting my gut is always my go to choice when I am feeling weary about a situation.

    • Hi Sunshine,
      Yes, it’s important to point out that NLP can be a wonderful tool. It never occurred to me either that there was a dark side to NLP, but I guess it depends on how it’s used and by whom.

      Trusting your gut is a great way to go!

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