I Simply Made an Appointment. How Did I End Up Here!

Yesterday I was cleaning out my office and came across my datebook calendar from 2010. I am such a pack rat! As I flipped through the calendar seeing if there was any contact information I may still need, I saw it there: My first appointment with Dr. P! How simply and innocently written. “Dr. P October 15, 2010.” Wow! How very innocent I was then!

I never imagined then that I would be where I am now six years later! No one should ever have to go through what we all have by simply making an appointment to see their mental health professional. I think of where I was then just having lost the love of my life and facing some career challenges. I was seeking guidance and assistance through grief and loss.

It was interesting just to see how simply he meant nothing to me other than his role for which I sought out his services. How I wish I could simply have that indifference now.

I paused and then threw the calendar in the trash. I am happy I am away from that predator. I am thankful I got away. I am thankful for the wisdom gained. I am thankful I have moved toward all those goals I originally had in mind when I went into therapy for with Dr. P. I am thankful I have seen many dreams come true. It’s been a long journey from that time of simply having made an appointment.

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