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Happy New Year!

I want to share with you a new resource I have been exploring: Melanie Tonia Evans and her website dedicated to Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Melanie was a victim of serious narcissistic abuse that devastated her emotionally and physically. She then learned everything she could about this type of abuse and learned healing practices that took her from being a victim to a survivor to a thriver (as she puts it). There is no shortage of information on this website! She has written numerous articles, created videos, and even has a radio show. Plus there are stories from people who have gone through their own recovery.

If you sign up for the free New Life email list, you will receive a couple of eBooks  and 16 days of  articles with some video links. (When I signed up, I was also able to register for a free webinar, which was over 2 ½ hours long!) I have been reading through the emailed articles and many more on her website and have found them incredibly valuable. They are written primarily for those who have been (or currently are) victims of narcissistic abuse, whether by a partner, a family member, etc. (And by therapists, too!) The articles are reader-friendly, focused on helping you to understand, grow and heal. There is information about narcissists and how to deal with them, co-dependency, personal growth and much more.

Since she does healing work herself, which is energetic in nature—and yes, she does have healing programs for sale (which I have not tried)—some of the articles have more of a spiritual/New Age angle. However, even if that’s not your thing, there is a lot of value to be found on her site and through the emailed articles, so I encourage you to explore.

Here are links to some articles I found personally valuable:

Stop Being the Scapegoat

Trying to Make the Narcissist Accountable is Keeping You Hooked

Personal Boundaries in Relationships

You can also watch her videos on narcissistic abuse on YouTube:


I hope you find this helpful!

And if any of you decide to do her Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program, please let me know how it goes.


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  1. Hello

    I saw this, and just wanted to let you know I’m one of the users of the programme (I started in the Summer of 2016), and it was by far the best investment ever.

    My family of origin is disordered, and I’ve suffered a lot of abuse as a result, but I came out stronger nonetheless.

    I’ve been in relationships and friendships with abusive people all my life (thank god some of my friends back then were actually decent). I usually had one or two buddies I could count on.

    Anyhow, enough about my life/past.

    I’m just posting to encourage anyone who is curious about the programme to give it a try (there’s nothing to lose, if for any reason you’re unsatisfied, you can get a refund within a month’s time).

    The programme is absolutely 100% unconditional and it works. There’s no need to be into New Age stuff.

    NARP (the Narc. Abuse Recovery Programme) is a very powerful healing programme (based on QFH = Quanta Freedom Healing) and what I love most about it is that it puts the user in charge of their life, their emotions and it encourages people into embracing their own personal power (and inner ability to heal).

    All my life I’ve been very wary of the health system (therapy business included), because I find the system to be codependent and didn’t feel comfortable about that. I did not want to hand my power over, or trust strangers with my innermost feelings and secrets.

    I’ve always wanted to be in charge of my own health and wellbeing and this programme (and the community) made that possible for me.

    It literally saved my life.

    A willingness to being radically responsible for oneself is all it takes and doing the inner work.

    That’s it.

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