“Chewed Up” – A Survivor’s Poem

Thanks to one of our readers for submitting this poem!

Chewed Up

You chewed me up like a piece of gum
Using me until you sucked out all of my flavor
Plucking me out of your mouth when you determined
That I no longer served you

And now I find myself on the bottom of your shoe
Forgotten until the day
That I annoyingly bring your consciousness
Back to your step
Back. To. Your. Step.

Remember me?
Now I am hard and adhering to your debris
You cannot just wash your hands of me
As if saying that cleanses you of responsibility
You cannot just stomp all over me
I will reveal your atrocities.

* * * * *

You could try applying ice.
You do seem to have that down to an art.


By Anonymous
©  2013 Surviving Therapist Abuse

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  1. Awesome poem…I once sent an e-mail to my ex-therapist describing myself as a piece of gum stuck on my therapist’s wheel/shoe…He replied back that I was a “caring woman with an open heart”, a treasure in his life, however I felt like a coin, in a very large treasure chest…
    I understand…

  2. Thank you for your comment Mary! It’s always so relieving when someone can relate. My exT would do the same – I’d try to address something real and he would respond/email back with unrelated compliments, or say how “funny I was”. Sometimes he would tell me that I was dark, but he certainly never ever addressed the real issue. I have come across the term “Gaslighting” which seems to fit for me. Perhaps for you as well?

  3. My ex-therapist was very indirect and did not take responsibility for his many hurtful actions. Even when directly confronted. Maybe you’ll read it here. …Hope to send it in soon…Right now it’s too long so I’m trying to summarize…I feel like I could write a whole book about this crazy experience!

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