A Resource on PsychCentral.com for Clients Abused by their Therapists

Recently, a reader contacted me to let me know about a resource that some of you may find valuable: a forum on PsychCentral dedicated to those who have been abused by their therapists.

Because I have not participated in this group myself I cannot personally recommend it; it’ll be up to each of you individually to see if it’s a good fit and the right thing for you. But since this type of abuse leaves victims feeling so incredibly isolated, I’m hoping that this group may prove to be a great comfort to those in need.

Getting into this private group takes a bit of work, as you have to be invited to join. I’ll do my best to outline the process as I understand it.

  1. Go to PsychCentral.com
  2. Click “Join us now” and go through the steps for joining the site as a free member.
  3. Click on “Community” or “Forums.”
  4. Go to the Psychotherapy forum, under the heading “Treatments and Self-Care Strategies.”
  5. Here is where you have to do a little work. To get into the group you have two options:
    a. You can post in the Psychotherapy forum that you want to join the social group for clients betrayed by therapists and then wait for someone to invite you. (You have to be sent an invitation to join the group, as it is private.)
    b. You can send Syra, the admin of the group, a private message that you want to join the group. However, before you can send anyone a private message you need to make 3 posts in a forum. (I think it can be any forum, not just the Psychotherapy one, but I’m not sure.) Once you do this, you can do a search for “Syra” and find a post she has responded to. Then left-click on her name to find the option for sending her a private message.
    Please note that the sub-group is NOT the one called “Romantic Feelings Toward My Therapist.” The group I am referring to is specifically for clients betrayed by their therapists.

After this, the ball is pretty much in your court. This is as much as I know.

If you go through this process and join the group, please come back and leave a comment and let us know about your experience. (And let me know if I need to make any corrections on the steps!)

All the best!

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