An Update from Heather Sinclair

Heather left an update in a comment on my last post about Lynette’s Law and I just wanted to make sure everyone saw it. It takes a lot of courage to do what Heather’s doing, so please give her your support!

Here also is the Lynette’s Law website, where I think she posts updates.

Good luck, Heather!

From Heather on 6/5/13:

Hey all! Please take a look at the two newest articles and sign and share our petition! Still fighting hard!


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  1. Heather Sinclair.
    I have experienced sexualized therapist abuse (UK psychologist).
    I have also been involved in advocacy on behalf of abuse victims.
    Im writing this to express concern about Heather Sinclair.I commented on two of her youtube videos with my personal opinion and she accused me of being a “troll” and threatened to “ban me”.I commented that I did not agree that women lacked personal agency because I had (kudos to me) stopped the predatory therapist in his tracks and walked out – I point blank ‘refused’ to objectify myself for his sexual titilation needs. I also expressed concern that she was using inappropriate music as a back drop to her video the music had a slightly sexualized feel and referred to women as “girls” also at the beginning of the video she was in a seductive type glamour pose. It was( in my subjective opinion) not helpful to the cause.Another issue I raised is the danger of her being too militant & imposing a victim schema on all female patients/clients of therapists.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comment and offering your perspective on this. First, I want to commend you for being able to make the choice to walk out on your abusive therapist! That took courage and strength and I’m glad you give yourself credit for it.

      I think it’s important that everyone honor their own feelings and experience around therapist abuse. Everyone handles abuse and its aftermath in their own unique way and it’s important not to make one person wrong and another right. I can’t speak for Heather, but I honor her as someone who is doing her best to address the issue of therapist abuse in a way that feels meaningful and empowering to her. I also honor you in having your own experience and opinion, which is different from Heather’s. And I’m sorry you had the experience you did. I understand it must have felt disrespectful to you.

      I think it’s really valuable to have a dialogue about this topic where everyone’s opinion is welcomed, although it’s good to understand that victims of abuse may react to contrary opinions, since many of us really need to feel validated! So I hope we can be kind and respectful of each other. Here on this blog, your perspective is welcomed and I appreciate your sharing it!


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