Online Computer Therapy for PTSD Symptoms – Free Trial!

Last March, I wrote a post regarding’s web-based online computer therapy for PTSD symptoms, and now I have some good news for those of you interested in checking it out. Jeff Eastman, the president of, contacted me and let me know that they currently have a promotion going on in Google ads for a free trial session. The Promotion Code for a single trial session is NET2 and it’s good for one free trial session per user. As always, the user doesn’t need to give an email address or any personal information or identification. Jeff also let me know that they reduced the rate for a single session from $20 to $10.

If anyone checks it out, please let me know what your experience was like!

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  1. Thanks Kristi. I just emailed you but I will leave a comment here to let others know that I had a good experience with the Clayton Stress tutorial. It was very easy and quick. I liked it enough to give it more time and refer someone. Thanks for letting us know.

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