Seeking Female Survivor of Therapist Abuse for Article

Update on December 13, 2010 post regarding therapy abuse article:

Journalist Deborah Lee is working on a story about sexual abuse by mental health professionals and is looking for a female survivor in her 20s-30s willing to share her story. The interviewee must be willing to be identified by name and have her photo published in this article for a national women’s magazine. If you’re interested, email me through the Contact page and I will send you Debbie’s contact information.

This is a great opportunity to educate the public about therapist abuse, so if you’re up for the exposure, please consider participating!

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11/2/11 Update: Debbie has completed this article. However, she is still interested in talking to survivors. If you’d like to share your story, please email me for her contact information.

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    • Hi Tom,
      This article is geared specifically toward women (it’s for a women’s magazine) and female victims. Hopefully, more of a dialogue will open up around this type of abuse in the near future, and there will be more opportunities for people like you to tell your stories.

  1. Seems like a big ask to have a photo and name for such a sensitive subject. Perhaps it is different in my country…I still don’t get respect from subsequent treatment providers, I doubt I’d fear much better in the media.

    • Yes, it’s a leap for any one of us to be willing to go that public. Scary stuff! But can you imagine an article in a women’s magazine that has no photos? If you want to inform the public, start a dialogue, and have readers identify with the women in the story, then we need to be willing to show ourselves.

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