Seeking Victims of Therapist Sexual Abuse for Interview

A freelance journalist, Deborah Lee, is working on a story about sexual abuse by mental health professionals and is looking for victims (primarily women) who would be interested in speaking about their experiences. The story will be pitched to a national women’s magazine. If you had any kind of sexual contact with your therapist and would be interested in participating, email me through the Contact page and I will send you her contact information. She’s looking to conduct interviews as soon as possible.

This is a great opportunity! I encourage any of you who are victims/survivors of therapist abuse to speak out and tell your story.

3/15/11 UPDATE: I believe that Debbie has all the interviewees she needs now. Thanks to all of you who had the courage to come forward and consider being part of this!

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  1. I was abused and raped by my therapist. I sued and settled out of court. I am also a massage therapist and I want to be interviewed about the effect this had on my life my health and marriage. I tried your contact page first unsuccessfully.

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