Discussion: How Can We Address the Problem of Professional Abuse & Misconduct?

If you would like to share your ideas about what can be done to address the problem of professional abuse, exploitation, and sexual misconduct, please join the discussion by posting your comments and concerns below.

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  1. How does a person report a child counselor for not disclosing that she has a personal relationship outside of therapy with the chid’s stepmother and father. The child is also having problems with the father and stepmother saying mean things to her,but the therapist never reports it.

    • Have you contacted the counselor’s state licensing board? You should be able to file a complaint if the person is a licensed psychologist or MFT. You may also be able to file complaints with any other professional organizations the person belongs to. I would also try to get a new counselor on the case; it’s possible that person may have ideas as well.

  2. As a victim of sexual misconduct by a social worker when I was 17, I’ve preached for years now the desperate need for oversight and policing conducted by an outside 3’rd party, not a board of their peers or review committee composed of work colleagues or even possibly graduating classmates.
    In addition, anyone caught practicing as a counselor in any capacity without an ‘active license’ in good standing with that states board of registry should be charged and tried with impersonating a professional just like that of an MD, or any licensed health care worker or a police officer for that matter.
    * No more untrackable unlicensed counseling, church and rape crisis clinics inclusive *
    Thirdly, and most importantly; each and every practitioner involved in counseling should undergo and provide at the time of licensing renewal, a complete psychological evaluation performed by an outside authority.

    Thank you very much for the internet opportunity for me to provide the platform of my mission.
    Tom Stinson

  3. my wife say i abuse her because she set up the massage table for us to get a massage because i cant do it because i have a back surgery and i cant pick up the table and she have to do it she say i am abuse her

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