On the Radio Sunday, December 6: Kira Love Flores

The following is a guest post from Kira Love Flores of www.HeartsHealing.com.
Congratulations, Kira! ~Kristi

* * *

In the same spirit of grace and gratitude along with Kristi’s wonderful opportunity she received in being published… I was interviewed for a radio show to speak on Professional Sexual Misconduct!!

Well, if all goes as planned I will be on the radio this Sunday a.m., December 6, sharing my story and some of what I’ve learned about Professional Sexual Misconduct. I also put in a plug for TELL and Advocate Web.

A radio show host just happened to read “Black Monday,” a post I wrote here about a difficult anniversary having to do with my therapist/priest abuser, and how I’m moving on with my life.

Well, Suzi Marsh, a therapist for 27 years in private practice, and a radio show host for Change Your Mind, Change Your Life out of Atlanta, GA, read my post, then contacted me. Long story short, she taped me Monday a.m. for an interview to be aired on her show this Sunday a.m., Dec 6, at 6:50 ET on radio station WSB-FM 98.5. If you want to catch it, you can hear it stream-lined on the internet by going to this link:

For those on the West coast (in the USA), like myself, 3:50 a.m. may be a bit early. I will hopefully, in the not too distant future, have an MP3 copy of this broadcast on my website, HeartsHealing.com.

I hope in my passion for the topic as a survivor and a therapist that this will generate opportunities for more victims to find healing, for more therapists to become aware of and sensitive to the reality of this issue, and for increased public awareness/education.

Miracles happen! 🙂

In much gratitude,

Kira Love

* * *

12/6/09 Update: The interview aired this a.m. and went well. If you are interested you can listen to the audio on my website at: HeartsHealing.com.
~ Kira Love

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  1. Hi, Kristi and Kira,

    Congratulations to you both. Any chance the radio station will make a transcript available later? (I’m stuck for the time being on dial-up Net access but would LOVE to be able to read the program content.)

    All best wishes.

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