My Story Gets Published!

After writing about October’s anniversaries and November’s little earthquakes, I also wanted to mention something really great that happened recently.

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Yvonne Bates, the editor of ipnosis, a quarterly independent journal for therapists published in the UK. Yvonne is also the editor of a book called Shouldn’t I Be Feeling Better By Now? Client Views of Therapy and has worked with WITNESS, a British organization that supports survivors of abuse by health care professionals.

Yvonne emailed me to ask if she could publish my story (i.e. My Story) in the Voices of Clients section in the winter edition of ipnosis. My reaction? Heck, yeah! I was, in short, thrilled that someone wanted to publish my little story (well, not so little at almost 3300 words!) and put it into print. For someone who has constantly wondered whether anyone’s listening to her or cares what she’s saying, this was a dream come true.

The Winter 2009 edition of Ipnosis was published this month, and I am very proud to be a part of it. The edition includes, among other things, a discussion of therapy blogs, an extensive review of the book Rethinking ADHD, and an email exchange between four clients on the subject of transference.

I am grateful to Yvonne for including my voice in her journal. May all survivors be blessed with the opportunity to speak out, tell their stories and be heard.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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