Do You Know About Blog Carnivals?

I didn’t. Then I got nominated for one.

A blog carnival is, to quote from the aptly named site

where someone takes the time to find really good blog posts on a given topic, and then puts all those posts together in a blog post called a “carnival”….  [It’s] a great way for bloggers to recognize each other’s efforts, organize blog posts around important topics, and improve the overall level of conversation in the blogosphere.

Pretty cool, eh?

Marcella at Abyss2Hope puts together a Carnival Against Sexual Violence on the 1st and 15th of every month. (Every month!) My post But, What If He Married Her? was selected for yesterday’s edition. (A big thank you to whoever nominated me!)

There are many great blog posts in this carnival on issues such as gender, the media, legal, raising awareness, research and solutions. I highly recommend you check it out and support all the bloggers out there who are shining the light on sexual violence.

Carnival Against Sexual Violence 80, October 15, 2009

You can find Abyss2Hope – A Rape Survivor’s Zigzag Journey Into The Open on my blogroll.

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